Internet Control Software and Parental Control Software for Mobile and Computers - SmyleSafe

SmyleSafe is a web filtering and parental control app. Allow good content in while keeping bad content out. Block inappropriate websites by age-group or category. Set Internet time limits and block apps.

SmyleSafe provides a safe, secure and protective digital playground to learn and explore things. So even if you are constantly on the go, your kids with smartphones, tablets and computers are never away from your eyes. You can monitor and filter every activity that they carry out online.

SmyleSafe Key Features
Block by Category or Age
Allow or block specific website categories or select an age-group for your child.
Blacklist / Whitelist URLs
Add additional websites to the whitelist to allow access. Add to the blacklist to block.
Track Locations
SmyleSafe allows you to track your child's location online at an interval you set.
Setup Geofencing
Create a virtual fence for your child. If they exit the fence, you are alerted via email.
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"Parents will be amazed and pleased with SmyleSafe, an intuitive functional app."
"...has amazing potential with a definite solution to keep a track of the sites being visited."
"For the peace of mind that the title gives both you and your child, you’ll prevent your child some future therapy."
"If you’ve got children it certainly offers the option to monitor their location and control their web access."